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Why use Math Madness?
The design of textbooks is important because they form the backbone of education.  Most textbooks have a similar appearance.  This similarity occurs because several key states, (e.g., California, Florida, and Texas), have statewide adoption procedures that require centralized textbook adoption.  Approval by an adoption state is very lucrative for publishers; consequently they tailor their textbooks to meet the requirements of the big adoption states.  Teachers from the remaining states are then left sifting through these math textbooks in an attempt to match concepts with their particular state’s curriculum.  This often leaves content gaps that require teachers to selectively supplement textbooks with other curricular material to meet their state’s unique learning expectations.

Each Math Madness lesson incorporates a continuous review of grade level specific goals and objectives outlined by individual state’s mathematics curriculum.  Each lesson covers all domains/standards and consists of eight multiple choice questions with one open-ended questions. Organizing lessons by strands makes it possible for topics to be discussed in depth and allows important concepts to be reinforced over an entire school year.  The format also allows for the gradual introduction of complex strategies providing the scaffolding needed by most learners. Teaching math concepts in this manner provides educators with a method that will help students retain information taught throughout the year to maximize learning.  If used consistently the payoff is big.  Students become confident mathematicians with high test scores.

Student Benefits:
  • Provides a daily review of all math strands 
  • Previews critical concepts
  • Familiarizes students with testing format
  • Builds confidence

Teacher Benefits:
  • Manageable assessment tool – The structure of each lesson provides the practice needed to acquire and retain critical concepts and equips teachers with an assessment tool that quickly and accurately assesses individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Provides rapid feedback to further guide individual and whole group instruction.
  • Simple Format – Each lesson covers all domains/standards and consists of eight multiple choice questions with one open-ended questions. 

Program Benefits
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curricular alignment, and assessment options.