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I like using the Math Madness program because it provides questions that are directly correlated with 4th Grade Standards of Learning.  Having the questions spread out over all of the standards allows me to teach mini-lessons on topics I have not yet introduced.  This provides the students with background knowledge and they feel more confident discussing new material when it is introduced.  
  Rachel Larimer, 4th Grade Teacher
     Sandy Hook Elementary School
     Shenandoah County Public Schools

Our students use Math Madness in a number of ways: homework, daily review, work stations, small group instruction, and skills groups.  Teachers especially like the great review and continuous exposure to skills that the students need.  What a wonderful resource!
   Sandra C. Cox, Principal 
      Norview Elementary School 
      Norfolk Public Schools

I learned of Math Madness at a math conference in Virginia Beach.  I teach all 5th graders math and ordered enough books for the entire 5th grade level for the past 3 years. I have found that the format of the questions mirrors those of the SOLs and are very effective in either reviewing material previously taught, or prepping students for concepts to come.  I believe Math Madness has helped me achieve my SOL pass rate of 94%, 97%, and 100% over the past three years.  I intend to continue using this resource for years to come!
Thanks for creating a ready-to-use resource! 
   Kammie Haberlin, 5th Grade Teacher
      Larchmont Elementary School
      Norfolk Public Schools

Math Madness provides teachers a daily dipstick of student knowledge.   Having taught for 14 years, I find Math Madness invaluable because of the time it saves me from creating similar questions on my own, which I used to do.  I use Math Madness, along with the assessment chart, to strategically plan small groups for reteaching or math games to reinforce needed concepts.  Math Madness is a powerful tool in my teacher’s toolbox.
    Brigette Maynard, 4th Grade Teacher
       Fort Belvoir Elementary School
       Fairfax County Schools

What Educators Are Saying About Math Madness